Monday, April 8, 2013

Zipnadazilch My 30 Day Review, Day 6

Today is my 6th day trying out the ZNZ One program.  I have made some advertisements on Craigslist, and a few other places online.  I also posted a paid ad at PointDollars.  It costed only 1 dollar.  I have had 8 responses since yesterday.  Plenty of sign ups, just no referrals yet.  Still looks promising though.  I will continue placing ads at various places only for the next few days.

I have also sent out welcome emails to those members that decided to sign up and earn. 

Sign up Today, and starting earning!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Zipnadazilch My 30 Day Review, Day 3

Hey guys!  Today is my 3rd day, and I am seeking referrals that want to earn an unlimited amount of cash.  I have posted at few social websites, and started blogging about it today.  So far my sponser has made more money.  You can too!  It's easy, and legit.  Zipnadazilch does pay!  Click to Sign Up Today

Zipnadazilch My 30 Day Review, Day 2

Today is April 4th 2013, and it is now day 2, but actually 24 hours into it, for my own personal review of the comapny called Zipnadazilch.   I received my 1 credit.  Now I am hunting referrals.  My sponser (the person I signed up under) has already received their $20 from me.  So I know, this IS NOT A SCAM.

Zipnadazilch My 30 Day Review

Today is April 3, 2013, I approached with an offer to make at least 20 dollars per referral. I was skeptical. I just knew this was a scam. Then I started reading and doing my homework on this company. I then got excited. So, I signed up. I completed an offer. It was a trial offer. Now I have, I think 25 days to cancel if I wish to. Zipnadazilch One requires you complete 1 trial offer, and then get 1 referral. Now I am just waiting on my confimation for my trial offer. I heard a lot about Zipnadazilch. The only bad things I found from unsatisfied members was that they didn't follow through the process right. My

referral link

Monday, February 18, 2013

PointDollars Sends Me My CashOut!

Here is my second cash out from PointDollars!  I really could of made much more for that week, but I had some important matters to tend too.  As you can see, they are paying, and they are legit!  Sign Up Today & Cashout Tomorrow with a $1.00 Minimum!  YOU WON'T REGRET THIS!  I know it's really hard to find a site like this.  It's rare!  This is the best GPT site I have found, and I plan on sticking with it.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Is It Possible to Really Make Money Online

Let me say, "YES!"

But where?  I'll show you!  If you can follow my methods of use, you WILL become a sucessful earner.  I'll be adding more in time.

It took me YEARS to find the right places that were legit.  I joined so many scam ptc and gpt sites in the past, that it isn't funny.

I was desperate!  I was and still,  a stay at home mom raising my handicapped son.   I even tried making hairbows for extra money.  Though they were pretty, it was a high competition because someone always had the same item for a cheaper price.  I also write on various online websites for extra income.  I have done so much!

I have been in the "Making Money Online"  for 10 years now.  Always searching for that PERFECT place.  Though, nothing I came across was perfect, but it was pretty good, considering FREE.  I will be adding more details and sites as I get the time to share, as time goes by. 

This is what I have found to be LEGIT, and paying.


At InboxDollars you can do offers, reading emails, surveys, watch videos, paid to search, and even play spin the win game if you weren't accepted into a survey.  They are a legit GPT website!  Cashout is $30.  They even give you  $5.00 to start for FREE! Pays by check or PayPal.


At PointDollars you can make some FAST CASH!  I have noticed some people making 1 cent a minute, and others more or less.  It all depends what you want to do.  There are LOADS of things to do here.  Example, if you want to make $1.00 a day, just listen to the radio, and click their videos all day. SIMPLE!  That's what I do.  BUT, they have hundreds of other things to do as well.  The home page may seem a little complicated at first, but you will get the hang of it, and understand how to use the site.  My 2 favorite places to hang out is the "OFFER WALL"  You can find the Radio there.  You will get a Captcha code every 12 minutes, then get credited.  I also like the "VIDEO OFFERS" You can do multiple tasks at 1 time.  They have Crowdflower too!  For videos, there are 3 types, all paying different.  If you leave your video page up, it will continuously reload looking for more videos, AND I LOVE THAT! Minimum payout is only $1.00, and you could reach that in 1 day!  Paypal is also a instant payment option!  And yet ANOTHER GREAT GPT WEBSITE!!!


At Clixsense they are LEGIT, just takes awhile to build up a cashout if you don't have referrals, or do their offers.  BUT they are LEGIT, and they DO PAY!

Feel free to comment or mention your favorite GPT or PTC site!